As long as I can remember, I have engaged the use of devotionals to enhance my spiritual journey. 

Using a devotional has helped me to explore certain themes deeply, gain deeper understanding of the word and sustained my relationship with God.

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I'm excited to share my latest devotional with you- 'No Shadow Of Fear' discusses how fear often holds us back from experiencing life freely as originally intended by God.


In this 7-day plan, we will come to explore certain ideas and discover ways of living apart from fear

Head over to the YouVersion Bible App to join the plan














As I love to share, I decided to write a devotional for my first single- Heart's cry. The aim for writing this devotional was so people could understand the meaning behind the song and help to connect with the song on a deeper level.

The Heart's Cry devotional is currently available on The 'YouVersion Bible App' 

Selected themes discussed in the devotional include; love, acceptance, affirmation, identity and worship.


Head over to the Youversion bible app and join the journey or click the link-

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