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Lessons learned

Therefore, whenever we have the opportunity, we should do good to everyone--especially to those in the family of faith. (Galatians 6:10 NLT)

Hi everyone,

There is a concept in project management called 'Lessons Learned'. It's simply an evaluation of the different points within the project. Some themes include improvements that could have been made along the way, logs of different mistakes that occurred and conversations ruminating around action points that can be taken onboard for the next project.

I find it to be a useful tool as, in my view, small improvements over time produce excellent results.

Having said that, these are my lessons learnt from last month and I intend to take these forward from now on, so follow me as we continue...

1. You can't influence the expectation's people may have of you

This!!! Honestly, brethren, you can only do so much. I thoroughly hate the idea of people bondage, yet it is one thing I find myself constantly fighting against. It's time to embrace who we are, including our limitations and look only for God's approval.

2. The dynamics of certain friendships will change...

and you have to be ok with that. It does not mean that something terrible happened, it could just imply that friendship has run its course. There's no need to pull at frayed strings.

3. Excellence is worth striving for

I recently realised that it didn't matter what field, talent or product it was, as long as it had exhibited excellence of some sort, it attracted results. Excellence is universal and people are naturally drawn to excellence. Surely it means because of this, I should be drawn to pursuing it. (There are other reasons as well, might I add).

4. We are more connected than we think

This world is small and we ought to be good towards all when we are in contact with them. I have been in several situations of late where I met someone from my past. Thankfully, it was pleasant and loads of good memories were flooding in. Imagine if I had been such a horrible person towards them in the past?

5. If one door shuts, another will open

I saw this happening in my friends life. He's quite a passionate and somewhat misunderstood young chap and recently a door was closed if I can use this phrase. In a roundabout way, the same door that was closed was now opened for him. It was so unexpected but mehn, I am ecstatic for him. If this is you, wait on is coming.

6. Every relationship will teach you something

How do I put this phrase in a better way? What I mean is even though the relationship did not work out, there was something in it that made you a better person. Something was gained through that experience-it served a purpose. Having said that, please don't waste your time in a relationship that CLEARLY isn't going somewhere. It is not every rope that you need to hold on to.

7. We all have a lane

Everybody has a unique part of them that makes them different from everybody else. Find it, embrace it, use it.

and finally the UK has no sense of seasons. Torrential rain in summer *sigh*

That's all for now guys,

Much love


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