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There are no rules

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon I have given to you, just as I promised to Moses (Joshua 1:3)

As I welcome the month of February, this is what keeps ringing in my head.

See, I am a goodie-too-shoes. I do everything by the books. I rarely step out of line and whenever I have, the consequences that follow have been weighty. So I easily stick by the rules.

Yet I can’t seem to shake this sentence from my mind-‘there are no rules.’

I am familiar with this phrase, all thanks to social media, however it rings a sharp bell for me today.

My understanding of this phrase is: to remove limits and boundaries created by society or traditional laws. Truly I understood this phrase. However, I did not grasp the effect this phrase offered me personally.

About a week ago, my friend blurted this phrase out to me mid argument. We are currently working on a personal project of mine and I wanted to change something. No actually, I was asking if the suggested change could work. He had been polite with me up until this point but I think he had enough. With his eyes wide open, hands in my face (literally), he said ‘Ruth, there are no rules.’ I was stunned to say the least.

I know. I’ve said this phrase a few times in this post already but I want to drum it into your mind because truly there are no rules.

If there is one thing I learnt last year through my journey, it was that I am in control of whatever path I pursue. It is literally up to me to take the first step and the step after that and so on.

Therefore, as we slowly, but oh so surely progress into the year, remember-there are no rules. Create your own path.

With love


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