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Updated: Jul 6

I've been cognizant of the phrase that has become popular on social media- ‘I know what I bring to the table' or ‘I am the table'.

I'm unsure of the origin of this particular phrase but it's commonly associated with relationships and being confident in what you have to offer.

I was reminded of this phrase when we were decorating our new place and making a decision on our dining set. I came across a whole new world of tables. The ones I could remember were coffee tables, accent tables and the list goes on. I found it quite intriguing and up until this point, I hadn't put much thought into it.

In my parent's house, we've always had a dining table but as my siblings and I have grown, its use has diminished. It occasionally comes in handy when we are hosting and serves a great purpose for this.

The initial design of the dining table was for people to sit around whilst they dined over food. Prompting conversations and bringing families closer together. This meant the table served several purposes simultaneously. In essence, suggesting you can utilize the table for various functions.

During our search, I discovered each table had a unique nature based on its intended use. They varied in everything including their measurements, design and the material used in making it.

Likewise, we are all 'tables', uniquely made for the purpose we were created to serve. The keyword here is to serve. Some of us are using all the potential we have in us, others maybe not so.

I'm content in knowing we have chosen to recognize our worth in whatever manner we deem fit. Therefore, I pose a question, 'what type of table are you going to be?' I refuse to believe you were created to sit alone and eat from your own wisdom.

I hope we will strive to expand so others can benefit from us and cease from being a table that is only used occasionally.

With love,



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