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A few reminders and a gift for you

Updated: Jul 7

I cannot believe that we are at the end of May. Is it just me or has this month felt longer than it actually is? 

Before we leave May and head on into June, I want to share a few reminders with you, some of which has particularly helped me this month.

Keep looking ahead

With a new month approaching and the continual feeling of uncertainty, it can be tempting to look back and think about what would have been with different circumstances. I want you to forgo that temptation, there's no benefit to it. Instead focus on what you have before you and what could occur in the future.

The grass isn't greener on the other side

There is no point comparing as the grass only looks green because you're too busy looking at someone else's and neglecting your space.  Let me share this perspective with you, you're standing too far to even know what that person goes through to maintain it. Don't let comparison steal your joy.  

Just start 

What is that project you're avoiding to start? I am an advocate for you to research and get all your ducks in a row but it's possible that you're using preparation as a means to delay your launch. 

Start with what you have and keep going. I made a personal commitment this year to keep moving despite what happens. The speed at which I move may differ at different points but the momentum never stops. 

We have 1 more week left in this month and I totally empathize with you if this month has been harder than the rest. However, I want you to see this week as a refresher and jumpstart to better months ahead. 

With love,


Journal Writing Prompts

Journal writing prompts are an aid to journalling. They help to clear your thoughts and bring focus to your writing. 

Prompts serve as a guide when you're unsure what to write and can be used repeatedly. So many of you have already downloaded the journal writing prompts and I'm elated to see this.

If you haven't already, here's a link to download it! 

Let me know how you find it! 


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