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DIY Gallery Wall

Anybody ever bought something for their home and never used it? I think we need a support group for those of us who fit into that category

That's exactly what happened with me. I had the intention of creating a gallery wall above my couch with our wedding pictures using white frames from Ikea. I had initially seen this idea on Pinterest and immediately fell in love. Only thing is I went to buy the frames and didn't use it for a year. Thanks to quarantine, I remembered that I had these stored somewhere and got to work.

I thought it would a good way to cover a blank wall and would work out to be one of the first features people saw when they came into our living room.

I have often found that pictures are a conversation starter when people visit you and you can always talk about the memories behind them.

If you want to recreate something similar here is what I used for my gallery wall:

Some tips before you get started

Ensure you keep your lowest frame 5-8 inches above your furniture

Keep all frames 2-3 inches apart from each other

Use a Level to ensure the frames are straight

  1. Select your pictures, print them and fit into the frames

  2. Use A4 paper and masking tape to put together a practice gallery wall. I started from the outside in

  3. Once you've done that either trace or very lightly mark the spots on the four corners of the paper using a pencil

  4. Take one frame at a time. Add your command strips following the instructions and place them on the wall using the markings and Level if you have one

  5. Keep repeating till it's all completed

Voila and there you have your gallery wall. You can do this for your office, staircase and even your bedroom

I hope this is a fun DIY for you to do

With love,



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