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Journal Writing Prompts

Journal writing is something I have done for as long as I can remember. It has helped to bring clarity to my thoughts when I'm faced with difficulties and brought a sense of relief. If there’s a gift I can leave with any young adult, it’s journaling. Absolutely free therapy!

I don’t have something to write everyday in my journal. In fact, some days I really struggle with articulating what I feel so writing doesn’t come naturally.

At times, I go back to old journals to see what I wrote, what I was thinking and feeling during that period. I recall moments of growth, details of life events and some pleasant memories.

What I love about prompts is they do the heavy work for me. They trigger a thought that leads me to unlock what I might be feeling. I don’t want you to struggle like me, so I’ve written a few journal writing prompts you can use too!

Here’s a few tips:

📔 Journal at the same time everyday-it helps to keep you consistent

📔Use a pen that’s comfortable and makes your handwriting neater-no point scribbling something that you can’t read later

📔Make it yours-light up a candle, put on some music, grab a healthy snack

I usually put on some music and make sure my husband has vacated the room

Happy writing!


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