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I hope your year has started off well and you’re using every ounce of the new year to plan and accomplish great things for the next 12 months. I will be keeping in touch more frequently this year and cannot wait for us to get better acquainted with each other.

I have been in a reflective mode and simultaneously using that to plan for the year ahead. I started thinking about a point I made in my lessons from 2019 post. I spoke about being still when we can still be moving. I would like you to read that again and focus on the word ‘can’. In every moment, there is an opportunity for action. Even when we feel stuck and out of ideas, we should keep moving. Whether it be running, walking, crawling or even attempting to stand. The idea is that one action leads to another. Can I be real with you? Towards the end of the year, I remember viewing my goals and I burst into tears. My reality was, I hadn’t achieved as much as I intended to. Granted, I had gotten married and moved to a new country, but I had seen where I let obstacles own me rather than strategizing during that moment. These life events brought joy but also posed the issue of adjustment. If I had seen it as that, I would have been able to recoup. Instead I stood still. I had a vision, but only saw obstacles and felt stuck. If I had just crawled, or walked, I would have been able to make much progress. It led me to this resolve: 1. Review your vision frequently Let’s break this down, having a vision is the overarching objective you have. Whilst goals are the method by which you’ll be able to fulfill the vision. Essentially goals are the roadmap. By reviewing your vision and accompanying goals frequently, you avoid losing foresight of your direction. It prevents you from becoming distracted with new ideas and obstacles that may occur during the year. It also allows for regular adjustments to be made where needed. 2. Be comfortable with your pace You will be much more productive focusing on your lane. Your lane is the place where you can hone your skills and be your very best. At the same time, don’t settle. Challenge yourself to pick up pace and create the capacity for more. 3. Resist the urge to look back An Olympic track runner will tell you, when anyone looks back during a race, they have the tendency to slow down. Physically, it takes more effort to keep focus, when the attention is divided 4. Keep moving If there’s any point I want you to remember, it’s this. Do not stop moving! Your movement has the ability to pick up pace. So whether you’re crawling, walking or running, always choose to move. Bonus point We need to stop replaying bad memories in our mind. Learn what you need from the experience, let go and move on. I hope this helps to put a pep in your step. I'm rooting for you in 2020! With love,   Ruth


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