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Learning from self discovery

If you've been following my journey, you will know that I love recapping my lessons, taking notes and sharing them with others.

I'm sure like many of you when quarantine started you didn't know how long it would be. Personally, I've gone through all stages of quarantine; baking, attending the free Zoom masterclasses, the TV series marathon, the depressive state and the Twitter quizzes stage. Are there any more stages I'm missing out?

If there's anything I'm slightly grateful for, however, is time. I think where we were heading was dangerous. We were too busy with no time to think. Lockdown provided me with this gift I didn't think I needed-time.

I started questioning everything I believed. I questioned why I actually desired what I wanted and I was shocked with my answers.

I was also exposed to my lack of readiness/preparedness for whatever I desired to have. I didn't have all my ducks in a row and mentally I was not even ready to handle it.

Slowly I started getting my house in order and it had to start from behind the scenes.

I worked on my why for things and I realized it had to be beyond me, and the need to secure a level of comfort or peace for my family but to impact and help other people.

I want to encourage you to use this time to reflect on who you are now and who you want to become

Here a few prompts that may help you start that journey:

Who are you presently?

Think more in terms of your skills gifts, abilities

Who do you desire to become?

Think of the characteristics of the person you look up to now. For example, Michelle Obama is a leader, classy, relatable and successful.

What do you need to start doing to become the person you desire to be?

What do you need to stop doing to become the person you desire to be?

I hope this kickstarts your journey of self discovery

With love,



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