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Lessons from 2019

Updated: Jul 6

Hi guys,

First of all-Merry Everything! I hope you had a great holiday season shared with people you love.

As we move into the new year, I’ve been in a reflective mood and have found I thought more about the negative moments than the positive. Talking with my husband this week, I realized, there are so many positive moments I can actually celebrate from this past year.

I have been that person to record lessons learnt, whether it be a few points in my journal or my notes app. I think it’s a habit I cultivated whilst in secondary school. It really helped to pinpoint areas for improvement to ensure I can work at changing the results for the next review. It’s funny because my career has taken me down the quality improvement route and I’m not sure that was intentional. I believe reviews help us keep in check and monitor progress rather than blindly working at something without a goal post.

That being said let’s talk about a few lessons I learnt this decade that I feel can be really helpful for the next year

It’s ok to make mistakes. *cue sigh*

I learnt that mistakes help me to discover the right thing to do or the right path to take. Learn about positive and negative character traits. Whilst I'm on this point, remember this, you are not your mistake. Periodt!

In the end, it actually did work out

I spent so many nights worrying myself to death about the future. I always wanted to be in control of every situation and that is an unhealthy belief. In the end, it only resulted in living life through anxiety and I do not recommend this! Looking back at the decade, I can honestly say, it did work out and I didn't need to worry.

Communication and comprehension are two different things

Ok, they are related but communicating a point requires comprehension on the other side of the conversation. Social media made this very clear to me. Without the other party fully understanding your point, I question whether communication really took place. My advice would be to always check to ensure your points are clear. At the same time, don't fill your time trying to make sure everyone understands you-that may not happen

Social media deceived us into thinking we are connected

Let me start by saying, I believe social media is a great tool for raising awareness, passing on a message and building a business or brand. Having said that, I feel people substituted the real community for an online community. Despite social trends, we are STILL created for physical community. There is only so much that your social media friend can do on the other side of the world when you’re in a crisis. I feel strongly, that social media truly clouded our definitions of friendships during this decade. So much so that maintaining physical relationships became a struggle and suffered as a result. In the same decade that social media became popular, the rate of loneliness also increased. It goes without saying that we truly need each other

Be kind to yourself

I cannot stress this point any more! Be kind in dealing with your process, your healing and the transition you're going through. I did not initially do this to myself but I have learned to give myself some breathing space when dealing with new challenges

Be selective when working with others

As a creative, be very careful the hands you place your vision in. It can either enhance your vision or completely derail it. It's ok to not know in the initial stages, but ask for reviews, portfolios and time frames. Be as specific as you can be. You're not going to know everything needed for your project, so ensure you work with experts who are able to provide the very thing you need. Be patient and adapt with time

Don’t shrink for anyone

You are full of greatness. Don't apologize for it by shrinking to accommodate someone else's small mind. Instead of shrinking, take others with you on the path to greatness and show them how it's done. In the event, that they refrain from joining you on the journey, allow that to pass and carry on.

Don’t stop moving

This was my biggest mistake of 2019. I moved country and felt stuck. My being stuck mentally meant in reality, I stayed still. There was literally no movement. What I have now learnt is even with feeling stuck you can still do things you know. So, I advise you, even when you don't know, keep moving with what you do

I hope you enjoyed what I shared and take some time to reflect over 2019 as we progress into 2020.

I wish you nothing but great success

With love,



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