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Responding to COVID-19

This pandemic has taken the world by surprise and I am aware this can bring about feelings of fear and anxiety.

When faced with uncertainty, the body responds with either fight or flight. If we fight, we choose to take the situation head on. If we choose to take flight, we remove ourselves from the situation.

Both have its advantages and disadvantages and our personalities can influence which one we respond with.

Based on recent events, it is possible for fear and anxiety to be our response to what we are hearing and watching.

Fear is a natural response but it doesn’t have to be the state you live in.

I know what that living in fear feels like so I’m sharing a few things I’m doing now to combat fear and anxiety as we deal globally with COVID-19:

Starve the fear, don’t feed it.

Essentially, turn off your news, mobile notifications, and limit conversations around COVID-19. I encourage you to periodically check for any updates and advice we are given by health professionals. However, try not to spend too much time consuming the news.

Pick an alternative

On Sunday, I used the opportunity of being home all day, to listen to a range of sermons and music rather than be consumed by the news. This helped me realize there are other things I can be engaged with.

Speak with someone  

I assume by now, most of us are engaging in some form of social distancing. Overtime, this can become quite isolating. I'd encourage you to connect virtually with friends and loved ones.

Engage in self-care 

This is left open for you. Take some time out for yourself. You can meditate, journal your thoughts, have a hot bath or even exercise. The options are endless and rewarding. 

Help someone else

This serves two purposes. First, it’s a distraction for your mind. Second, you’re paying it forward. By helping someone else, you’re starting a chain reaction of kindness. Soon that person, will also feel like helping someone else because of how you made them feel. It could be anything from, paying for groceries, cooking for them or simply lending an offer of help till they need it.

I hope these points offer some relief to the present situation. You are not alone, we are in this together and we will make it through.

On a final note, I implore us all to take the advice from WHO and national public health agencies seriously. By working together, we can flatten the curve. 

Feel free to get in touch with me, I would love to know how you are getting through this season!

With love,



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