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Struggling with routine?

We all have those days when we find it hard to get out of bed right?

I'm not sure if our mattresses had a global zoom meeting during this pandemic, but I seem more glued to my bed than I usually am.

If this seems familiar to you here are some steps you can use to help you on your way to a productive day:

1. Set a weekly to do list and break this down to daily tasks. Take it a step further and make it it visible. Often, I write my to do list and don't remember them because it's so far away

2. Create a night and morning routine. Something that you'd look forward to doing everyday. Keep it simple and easy to follow.

3. Ask someone else to wake you up. I actually did this for 3 months at the beginning of this year and it helped. To the point that I would feel guilty if I didn't get up at the time I said I would.

4. Incorporate some exercise. Exercise releases endorphins that boost your overall mood and can help to alleviate any stress you initially feel.

I will add that if the struggle to wake up and start your day has been ongoing for some time and you're also experiencing lower than normal moods, you may want to see your doctor to discuss if this could be depression. Depression can certainly occur during this time seeing as we are indoors more and a sense of control has been lost.

I hope these few tips can help you on your way to making your day more productive

With Love,



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